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Our business management software enables your business to operate at peak efficiency, while providing you with clear real-time insights for swift decision-making.

With expert support at every step of the way, your business can, and will, reach its full potential!

What is Zigaflow?

Zigaflow is a business management software which is designed to become the nerve centre of your business by streamlining the way your entire business operates.

Real-time management information means you can make informed decisions in a fraction of the time, laying the foundation for rapid, sustainable growth.

How Zigaflow works for you

Zigaflow isn’t just another tool. It’s built to fit your business. Here’s how you can shape it:

Personalise your branding

Add your logos and colours to match your branding, and customise all of your document templates with your own fonts and layouts

Tailor all of your workflows

Design your workflows to reflect your business processes. Create clarity across every area of your business for your entire team.

Use familiar terminology

Rename modules and features to reflect the way your team refer to things, leading to faster user adoption and a better experience

Configure your screen layouts

Choose exactly what information is visible in your edit screens, lists, kanbans or calendars based on what you need to see

Create the custom fields you need

Capture the right information at the right time - every time & add conditions to make information mandatory in specific circumstances

Set up smart automations

Create specific rules to automate tasks, send SMS or emails and ensure processes are followed - all without writing any code

Our G.R.O.W.T.H. principle

Your success is what drives us, and our G.R.O.W.T.H. principle is a set of core values that keeps us on the right path in everything we do to ensure your success at every turn.

"We prioritise authentic connections, offering sincere support and tailored advice to every customer."

"Our platform consistently delivers, backed by our continuous support and expert guidance."

"We believe in open, transparent communication, value customer feedback, and believe in working together for success"

"We're committed to delivering top-tier software, exceptional service, and leading the way in innovations"

"We stand by our promises, safeguard your data, and always prioritise your best interests."

"We provide essential resources, share insights, and ensure we're always accessible to you."

What our customers experience

Every business has its unique challenges and goals.

While you’ll certainly get a huge amount of benefit specific to your business from using Zigaflow, all of our customers consistently report these 3 transformative gains.


Real-time insights into operations, enabling informed decisions to grow with confidence


Optimised processes, automated tasks, and significant time savings in every area


The ability to grow and expand quickly thanks to systemised processes

Our promise to you

Your success.

We understand that managing and growing your business can be challenging. That’s why we’re dedicated to simplifying the process, helping you advance swiftly and sustainably towards your objectives.

Building for success

Technology moves forward quickly which is why we’re committed to ensuring you can stay ahead of the curve.

Our dedicated team of developers are continually enhancing Zigaflow by introducing new features based on feedback from customers just like you.

This means you get a powerful software today, plus you’ll benefit from ongoing updates and innovation to build a strong foundation for the success of your business tomorrow.

It's easy to get started with Zigaflow

Starting the next stage of your business growth is easy.

We’ve laid out the steps to give you an understanding of how we could work together on your journey.

Ready to go? Great!

You decide what works for you

If you want to get “hands-on” straight away, as many customers do, you can simply sign up for a free trial so you can start immediately.

Ready to go? Great!

Seeing is believing! (60-90 minutes)

Live demo

If you think you’d prefer a more personalised overview of Zigaflow, we can arrange an initial demo where you can ask questions based on what you see.

Seeing is believing! (60-90 minutes)

You're starting to realise you should have done this years ago!

Further demo(s)

You may find it beneficial to bring in team members to look at specific areas of the software in more detail.

You're starting to realise you should have done this years ago!

With you every step of the way!

Start your journey

Start your subscription and you’ll have instant access to the software, and our expert support.

With you every step of the way!