The simplest fastest smartest way to run & grow your business

Say goodbye to wasted time, mistakes & unhappy customers. Say hello to simplicity, efficiency & control.

Make running your business easier, more enjoyable & give yourself a real competitive advantage.

Get started straight away with no credit card and full access to our customer support.

Get your business working smarter

Unlock the full potential of your business with the most cutting-edge business management software. Simplify the way you manage and operate your business to make growth achievable and sustainable.

Clear & Simple

Our easy-to-use interface simplifies your business operations, allowing you and your team to master it quickly and efficiently.

Efficient & Accurate

Simplify operations with automations that increase efficiency, reduce errors, and boost productivity.

Simple to set up & get started

You don’t need to be a developer, a rocket scientist or even particularly tech-savvy to get the most from Zigaflow.

You’re in full control of how you want Zigaflow to work for your business, so as long as you understand your own business well, you’ll find it a breeze to set up your new Zigaflow account.

No coding skills needed

Customize your settings, templates & even create powerful automations without needing to write a single line of code

Plug & play integrations

Connect your emails & your accounting software as easily as logging on to your computer

With you wherever you are

With our fully responsive interface, your team can work securely from any location on any device.

So whether you work in the field, fully remote, hybrid or in your office, your whole team can work together in real-time.

Fully mobile responsive

Your team will be able to use Zigaflow no matter which device they are using

Bringing teams together

Give your team all the information they need to work efficiently and deliver the best service to your customers

1,000,000+ working hours saved

By simply automating tasks you'll be doing every day

£20 million+ salary costs saved

Based on the average salary for administrative staff

£6.22 billion+ of costs prevented

By eliminating manual errors and their associated costs

Getting your business working faster

Not only will you be working faster, you’ll also be reducing, or even eliminating manual errors.

This in turn means you’re not just increasing productivity, you’re also increasing efficiency, meaning you can do much more without increasing your headcount.

The return on your investment is significant

Kris Van Rensburg
Commercial Director @ The Electric Heating Company
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“Zigaflow is unlike anything I have seen in the last 20 years when it comes to detail, speed and automation. I would strongly recommend this platform to any organisation looking to make a huge leap forwards."
Richard Martin
Managing Director @ Collaborate London
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"Zigaflow has become the backbone of our operations - from managing customer orders and supply chain processes to coordinating deliveries and installations. We've grown year on year and Zigaflow has been a key part of that."
Taylor Tassie
Managing Director @ Totally Branded
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“Our business has grown incredibly quickly and we've been using Zigaflow since the very beginning. The automations save us countless hours of admin time, and have made it much simpler and faster to get new team members started.”
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