Drive your whole business forward with a "finance first" mindset

Bring financial control to your operations & make everything move faster

Xero & Quickbooks Online integrations

Approval workflows

Automated invoicing for faster quote-to-cash

Increase the value of your time & eliminate costly manual tasks

Time is your most valuable asset, so it’s essential that you maximise it with every opportunity.

For many businesses, aside of the cost of goods sold, salaries and their associated costs are often the largest cost centre, so using time wisely allows you to increase the value of every minute of every day.

Streamline your invoicing

Use automations to significantly speed up your quote-to-cash process & reduce errors or oversights

Improve credit control

Everything you need to manage credit control is built-in & can be tailored to how you work

Purchasing management

Streamline your entire purchasing process from end-to-end with minimal manual work

Inventory management

Control & monitor every aspect of your inventory from goods in to goods out & everything in-between

Stripe integration

Collect payments quickly against quotes, pro-formas or invoices, but only when you want to


The wider business can be given visibility to help them support, not hinder the finance team

Zigaflow on 3 screens
A real-time view of all the numbers

Complete visibility. Total control

Rather than having different areas of your business all working with different tools or spreadsheets, your entire business is running from one central business management software.

This gives you a complete view of everything, ensures all the numbers are aligned and puts you in control of all of your processes.

Conversation history

Fully integrated with your emails

Whether you’re sending sales invoices, RFQ’s or purchase orders or using the built-in automated emails to remind a supplier about a PO you’ve sent them, or chasing a customer for payment every single email goes out from an email address of your choosing.

Gone are the days of sending important emails out from a “no reply” email address plus every conversation is automatically linked to the relevant invoice or PO making your life easier.

Email integration
Get paid faster & more reliably

Make credit control simple & effective

Let’s be honest – credit control is not fun. You have to balance getting paid & managing customer relationships.

Create tasks for credit control calls, send emails or even SMS, but rather than a “one size fits all” approach, you can make it relevant to the customer or type of invoice.

By organising your customers and setting up rules to handle different scenarios in the right way you can make credit control much more streamlined. 

Instant reports and transparency

Checks and balances without the need for spreadsheets

Checks and balances are vital, but you won’t need spreadsheets to ensure everything has been received, shipped or invoiced.

All the information you need to understand what has, or hasn’t been done is easily available in your business management software.

This saves lots of your time & the frustration that can come from doing things the “old-fashioned” way.

A proactive approach to financial management

Make everyone part of your finance team

Having your entire business working together in a single business management software transforms the way your business runs, and allows you to give access to relevant information without granting access to your accounting platform.

This puts finance at the forefront & creates an environment where everyone can play their part to ensure the financial success of your business.

What other customers are saying

Taylor Tassie
Managing Director @ Totally Branded
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“One of the key things which the whole team love is that we have been able to craft email templates which are used to keep our message and tone of voice consistent every time we send a quote, order confirmation, invoice or PO."
Beth Whitford
Commercial Manager @ Plura Innovations
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"Clear processes have been established throughout our business, leading to improved communication and higher levels of reporting. Our team has also become more effective, and we have seen a significant increase in efficiency and productivity."
Kris Van Rensburg
Commerical Director @ The Lectric Heating Company
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"Zigaflow is unlike anything I have seen in the last 20 years when it comes to detail, speed and automating follow-up tasks. I would strongly recommend this platform to any organisation who wants to take a massive leap forwards!”
David Wilde
Managing Director @ Stretford Studios
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“We spent months looking for a system which would be simple to ease in to and more powerful as our business developed. Zigaflow was the perfect choice for this. Highly recommend.”
Mitchell Tassie
Sales Director @ Totally Branded
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“We have developed automated messages used for follow-ups and reminders which go directly from the teams on email accounts and saves us countless hours of admin time, and made it much simpler and faster to get new team members started.”
Gary Duckworth
Managing Director @ Avita Group
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"It's been amazing in streamlining the work process and saving us countless hours or frustration. Support is first class and the company actually respond to feedback."

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