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Frequently asked questions

To keep this simple, and give you control you can simply add checkboxes or tags to your contact records in Zigaflow to use these as inclusions or exclusions.

Mailchimp ultimately controls things like “unsubscribes” but these mechanisms give you a way to filter your contacts before you export them to Mailchimp.

We use a similar tagging convention to email marketing systems like Mailchimp.

Using our simple to set up automations, you can automatically add or remove tags from businesses and contacts based on your interactions with them.

This goes far beyond sales & marketing interactions and can include many more touchpoints relating to other areas of your customer lifecycle.

This then allows you to create very targeted lists within Zigaflow and send them into the right Mailchimp audience & segment quickly and easily.


By creating custom role profiles in Zigaflow and assigning roles to team members you can control who has the ability to push contacts into your Mailchimp account

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