Seamlessly integrate with Xero

For the ultimate way to manage your business


Zigaflow + Xero = Perfection

Pairing Zigaflow with Xero makes things easy. No need for tons of apps. With Zigaflow’s features and Xero’s accounting, you get everything your business needs in one neat package. Connect them, and you’re good to go.

A faster and clearer way to work

Not only does this integration speed up your processes; it ensures you can get detailed insights that go beyond the financials.

You’ll have new levels of information from every area of your business with Zigaflow very much becoming your “True North”.

Why you need Zigaflow

Using Xero already shows you’re ahead of the curve. Zigaflow takes that forward-thinking to the next level.

It’s not just another software; it’s the nerve centre of your business, designed to enhance efficiency and provide a crystal-clear view of your operations.

Pairing it with Xero? That’s just smart business.

Track, quote, convert, cash

Track enquiries, create stunning quotations, and automate your follow-ups. Streamline your sales process, ensuring you maximise revenue and improve your bottom line.

Efficiency at every single step

From inventory management to project tracking, clear workflows, powerful automations, and extensive reporting ensure every operation is optimised for success.

Exceed customers expectations

Make working with your business an experience your customers will never forget for all the right reasons and keep them coming back time and time again.

Your accountant will thank you

Not only do you get huge benefits across your whole business, there are some particular features your accountant will love.

  • Faster invoicing resulting in better cashflow
  • Month-end reporting giving instant valuation on stock and purchasing saving you time
  • Warnings when customers are exceeding credit limits based on unpaid invoices and un-invoiced orders

Frequently asked questions

We've created our integration with Xero in a way which is flexible, putting you in control over what information is shared and when.


Sales invoices, purchase orders, & supplier invoices can all be created in Zigaflow and pushed into your Xero account.

Certain information does work on a 2-way sync.


When you process payments in your bank feed in Xero, this can update the status of that invoice in Zigaflow.


You can set up the integration  so when you update customer information like addresses in Zigaflow those records in your Xero account are updated too.

We do support Xero tracking categories.


You can create up to 3 different tracking categories in your Zigaflow account.


This information is passed into your Xero account against a specific sales invoice or purchase order, or at a line-item level for more detailed reporting.

Yes, you can import things like your account codes, tax codes, customers, suppliers & products at the click of a button.

You can also import quote history, your order books and much more using our excel templates.

With all new systems, it's wise to validate any information before importing to ensure the accuracy of that information.