For marketing teams who want precise targeting & complete brand consistency

Bring a new level of insight to your marketing strategy

Data from every customer touchpoint

Powerful segmentation

Consistent branding & tone of voice

It's time to make your marketing more effective

Marketing is led by data. Yes there is a lot of creativity that goes into it, but the strategy comes from data.

The great news is you can have a whole host of new data points which provide you with exciting insights into your customer behaviour, and allow you to pinpoint the right message to the right audience at the right time.

What’s more, you can apply your creativity to other areas of your business to improve marketing to sales conversion rates, increase the lifetime value of customers and ensure that the branding & tone of voice for your own business is echoed through every customer touchpoint.

Refine your ICP's

Use rich information from across your entire business to get a more thorough understanding of your ideal customers

Powerful segmentation

From custom fields to tags available throughout the entire system, you can segment your customers in new innovative ways

Instant information

Have the key information you need sent to you automatically when you need it, allowing you to spot trends & act on them quickly

"On-brand" everywhere

All your quotes, order confirmations & other documents can be branded with your logo, fonts & colours to ensure consistency at all times

Tone of voice

Set up email templates using variables to personalise all the comms touchpoints with your customers & suppliers

Feedback loop

Gather feedback from customers automatically with average ratings logged in your CRM, plus a full reporting suite to go with it

Zigaflow on 3 screens
Add more intelligence to your strategy

The bigger picture for performance marketing

Zigaflow is a process-first business management software which brings together all the different areas within your business.

The result is you have a wealth of transactional and detailed information from every area of your business, which allows you to measure your success & hyper-target your marketing strategies.

More targeted email communication

Connect to your Mailchimp account

Build lists in your CRM using our powerful segmentation options and then push these into your Mailchimp account.

Choose the right audience and apply tags so that you deliver much more relevant, targeted emails to the right people.

A more connected business

Bring online & offline channels together

Connect your Shopify store to your Zigaflow account using our purpose-built connector.

Manage product & stock information in your Zigaflow account and sync updates to your store.

Have customer orders fed into Zigaflow so fulfilment can be managed easily, and so you’ve one point of reference for all your customer transactions.

Build in your brand guidelines

Strengthen your brand consistency

Lots of time, effort, creativity & money goes into marketing to build the shop window and bring in new customers.

Sadly, so much opportunity gets overlooked with sales teams sending our poorly formatted quotes using spreadsheets, or emails being sent with typos.

You control your branding & your voice in every touchpoint whether it’s with a prospect, a customer or a supplier.

Take the lead in your sector

Your competitive advantage

Data leads to smart, informed decisions, even if that is deciding to try something. Good quality data gives you confidence.

There’s lots of data available to you, but when it comes to true insights into customer transactions and behaviours there is nothing which has the same volume of touchpoints at your fingertips.

Put yourself ahead of other marketeers by leveraging great data so you can make smart marketing decisions.

What other customers are saying

Taylor Tassie
Managing Director @ Totally Branded
Read More
“One of the key things which the whole team love is that we have been able to craft email templates which are used to keep our message and tone of voice consistent every time we send a quote, order confirmation, invoice or PO."
Beth Whitford
Commercial Manager @ Plura Innovations
Read More
"Clear processes have been established throughout our business, leading to improved communication and higher levels of reporting. Our team has also become more effective, and we have seen a significant increase in efficiency and productivity."
Kris Van Rensburg
Commerical Director @ The Lectric Heating Company
Read More
"Zigaflow is unlike anything I have seen in the last 20 years when it comes to detail, speed and automating follow-up tasks. I would strongly recommend this platform to any organisation who wants to take a massive leap forwards!”
David Wilde
Managing Director @ Stretford Studios
Read More
“We spent months looking for a system which would be simple to ease in to and more powerful as our business developed. Zigaflow was the perfect choice for this. Highly recommend.”
Mitchell Tassie
Sales Director @ Totally Branded
Read More
“We have developed automated messages used for follow-ups and reminders which go directly from the teams on email accounts and saves us countless hours of admin time, and made it much simpler and faster to get new team members started.”
Gary Duckworth
Managing Director @ Avita Group
Read More
"It's been amazing in streamlining the work process and saving us countless hours or frustration. Support is first class and the company actually respond to feedback."

Ready to begin marketing even smarter?

Discover how Zigaflow can give you enhanced data on transactions and behaviours to give you more confidence & more targeted marketing with our comprehensive business management software.

Experience first-hand the simplicity, efficiency, and power of our platform.

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