Running your renewables business is about to become easier

If you’re a business selling, installing, or maintaining renewable technology and want to streamline your operations, diversify your offering, or simply want a sustainable way to manage your growth our business management software is exactly what you need.

From detailed quoting through to automating planned maintenance jobs, and everything in-between, our platform will revolutionize the way your business works, and open up new and exciting opportunities to increase your revenue streams.

Supercharge sales

Streamline your quoting process and provide your customers with more detailed, visual quotations and proposals.

Optimize operations

From project management to task delegation, simplify every operation to save time and reduce costs.

Be compliant

Ensure all relevant surveys, reports and certificates are completed using our no-code automations.

Manage any & all aspects of your renewables business

The power to run your business your way

Your business is unique, and we give you the ability to be yourself as a business. If you work with different technologies, customers or environments this can all be managed easily in a single platform.

Simple to set up

Easily tailor your account to match the way you do business, without the need for any coding or development skills.

Quick to learn

Your team will become familiar with the system in no time thanks to it's intuitive interface, and easy to navigate screens.

Simplify your renewables business

Complex processes made simple

Build your own knowledge, expertise and processes into your Zigaflow account.

Overcome the challenge or balancing your customers expectations, your supply chain and all of the regulatory requirements by systemising your business.

A solid foundation for growth

Scale your business with confidence

Emerging technologies, increased adoption, government policies and incentives all create new and exciting opportunities for your growth.

With the ability to increase your sales, installations and maintenance activities, and backed up with detailed reporting we give you the platform to power your business growth with confidence.

The best, simplest and fastest way to manage your renewables projects

Revolutionize your renewables business with a platform that seamlessly integrates every critical aspect of your operations, ensuring efficiency, accuracy and client satisfaction at every step.

Comprehensive stock management

Manage your inventory with precision. Track serial numbers, equipment locations, and stock levels in real-time. Our software provides detailed insights into your assets, helping you plan your projects more effectively and reduce the risk of delays or shortages.

Streamlined purchasing process

Zigaflow simplifies creating and managing your purchase orders (POs) and requests for quotations (RFQs), integrating directly with your project timelines. Ensure timely procurement and budget adherence with automated alerts and approval workflows.

Automate updates via email/SMS

Keep your team and clients in the loop with automated updates. Whether it's a project milestone reached or a change in schedule, our platform sends real-time notifications via email or SMS, ensuring everyone stays informed and aligned, no matter where they are.

On-site efficiency with electronic forms

From site surveys, risk assessments and RAMS to subcontractor sign-off, your team can complete and submit forms on the go, streamlining documentation and ensuring compliance with project standards and regulations.

What other customers in the renewables market are saying

Murray MacPherson
Managing Director @ Munro WIlson
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“There was software at the time which was geared up for domestic EV charging points but it couldn't do heat pumps and we wanted a tool that would allow us to do both, and something which we could adapt as we evolved as a business"

"We now have everything in one place, and this ensures nothing gets missed, and has given us the ability to scale up our business,"

"We have insights which allow us to forecast upcoming work and plan resources accurately and confidently"

"Zigaflow has been a key enabler to the growth of our business it's essential in helping us manage the complexities of this industry."

Ready to simplify your renewables business?

Discover how Zigaflow can streamline the operations of your renewables business, and open up new opportunities for growth with our powerful business management software.

Experience first-hand the simplicity, efficiency, and power of our platform.

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