Separate yourself from the pack & deliver an exceptional customer experience at all times

Everything you need to provide a service your customers will love

Manage every aspect of your service delivery

Gather customer feedback automatically

Continuously improve

Customer satisfaction made simple & scalable

When your customers are happy, it has a huge positive impact on your business.

Team morale is higher, and there is much more chance those happy customers will leave you a glowing review, or better still refer more business to you.

Zigaflow gives you the fundamental tools you need to serve your customers in a way that will ensure they are happy much more often than not.

Streamline service requests

Easily track, monitor and manage every customer service request. Categorize and assign requests to the right team member swiftly, ensuring every customer concern is addressed promptly and effectively

Prioritize and respond swiftly

Quickly identify key accounts and urgent service requests. With a fully integrated CRM you have a complete view of all the information you need to treat every customer as a VIP

Templates and automation

Systemize every type of service request to ensure nothing is missed and reduce errors. Automatically assign tasks, and send responses or reminders to your customers by email or SMS

Systemize your contracts

Make service contract management a breeze by automating routine jobs for site visits or equipment maintenance at key intervals. Track important dates and auto-assign tasks for the right team members to handle renewal negotiations

Lifecycle tracking for assets

With detailed records of the lifecycle of any installed or maintained assets your team can quickly identify recurring issues, potentially creating sales opportunities & providing your customers with a more proactive service

Collect, monitor and act on feedback

Automate feedback requests at critical points in your business processes. Use these scores to dictate appropriate action on a customer-by-customer basis, ensuring you provide a service that is exceptional on a personal level

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A Customer-centric approach to business management

Putting customer service at the heart of your business

Imagine having all the information of every interaction with every customer & supplier in one place.

Unlike having a standalone ticketing software for managing customer service requests, Zigaflow gives you an end-to-end system to manage every aspect of your business.

This allows you to build a customer-centric approach to your business and introduce a much more proactive approach to your service delivery.

Ticketing system to manage customer requests

Auto-create customer service tickets from inbound emails

It is really simple to create tickets manually, either as standalone requests or linked to specific jobs or sales orders, however you can also connect a dedicated email account and create tickets automatically.

This might only save a couple of minutes on each request, which could certainly add up over time, but it also ensures all incoming emails are captured & allows you to track the time to respond.

Remove the likelihood of manual errors

Save time & improve customer satisfaction with automations

Using automations in your service delivery is simple, frees up your team & is highly effective in increasing customer satisfaction.

When implemented correctly you can deliver a personalized service at scale & ensure your customers always receive the right service quickly.

Make ISO:9001 compliance & audits simpler

Quality management by default

By systematically handling customer service requests and automating feedback, you are laying the foundations for a robust quality management system.

Many of our customers find the process of becoming accredited or maintaining accreditation with ISO:9001 very simple as every interaction is logged, and actions can be planned accordingly

Fully integrated back office & field service management

Provide first-class service from anywhere

With a fully mobile-responsive interface, you can use Zigaflow from anywhere, on any device allowing you to provide the highest levels of service from literally anywhere.

Field technicians, engineers or installers can access rich, detailed information and seamlessly be connected with your office.

Say goodbye to paperwork, and hello to smart, service delivery that customers love.

What other customers are saying

Taylor Tassie
Managing Director @ Totally Branded
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“One of the key things which the whole team love is that we have been able to craft email templates which are used to keep our message and tone of voice consistent every time we send a quote, order confirmation, invoice or PO."
Beth Whitford
Commercial Manager @ Plura Innovations
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"Clear processes have been established throughout our business, leading to improved communication and higher levels of reporting. Our team has also become more effective, and we have seen a significant increase in efficiency and productivity."
Kris Van Rensburg
Commerical Director @ The Lectric Heating Company
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"Zigaflow is unlike anything I have seen in the last 20 years when it comes to detail, speed and automating follow-up tasks. I would strongly recommend this platform to any organisation who wants to take a massive leap forwards!”
David Wilde
Managing Director @ Stretford Studios
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“We spent months looking for a system which would be simple to ease in to and more powerful as our business developed. Zigaflow was the perfect choice for this. Highly recommend.”
Mitchell Tassie
Sales Director @ Totally Branded
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“We have developed automated messages used for follow-ups and reminders which go directly from the teams on email accounts and saves us countless hours of admin time, and made it much simpler and faster to get new team members started.”
Gary Duckworth
Managing Director @ Avita Group
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"It's been amazing in streamlining the work process and saving us countless hours or frustration. Support is first class and the company actually respond to feedback."

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