For warehousing & logistics departments who want peak efficiency & full transparency

It's time to take stock of your inventory & shipments

Full inventory management

Delivery scheduling & management

Completely traceability

Streamline your warehouse operations

You need to have complete control over your inventory and shipment processes and with Zigaflow that’s exactly what you’ll have, all while running everything much more efficiently.

Revolutionize your warehousing and logistics with comprehensive tools for every aspect of your warehousing, inventory management and logistics.

From barcode scanning to intelligent stock allocation and much more, you’ll be able to operate efficiently while having full control and transparency of every stage in every process.

Optimized inventory management

Customize stock locations and use barcode scanning for precision. Easily manage goods receipts against purchase orders and monitor supplier deliveries for unmatched efficiency

Enhanced visibility for planning

Keep your warehouse team ahead of the curve with clear visibility on incoming deliveries, upcoming shipments and stock movements, allowing you to plan and run perfectly

Stock allocation & traceability

Gain insights into allocated stock and maintain full traceability of adjustments or movements logged by your team, ensuring accuracy in your inventory and full accountability

Stock adjustments

Create custom reason codes and enforce their use when adjustments or movements are logged, streamlining your internal process and allowing you to maintain order and consistency

Mobile-first picking lists

Follow picking lists directly on mobile devices, reducing the need for separate hardware, eliminating paperwork and increasing the overall efficiency during picks

Paperless processes

The delivery note system does allow for printing, however there are built in options for e-signatures for either customers to accept remotely or for your drivers to use on the road

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Complete Business Management

Fully integrated with the rest of your business

As part of the broader scope of your business management software you’ll experience a smoother hand-off between departments and reduce the need for paper trails or unnecessary conversations.

This further increases efficiency as information is available to those who need it, invoices can be created instantly when goods are shipped and supplier invoices can be accurately processed against goods received.

Flexible Access Management

Give your team the tools to deliver the best results

Different members of your warehouse team might benefit from more information or extended access to help them perform at this best, and you can easily create unique roles and permissions to assign to your team as needed.

One common example is giving access to sales orders, jobs or purchase orders but restricting the ability to edit or removing commercial information so the team have more context to help them plan and carry out their work without access to sensitive information.

No more need for paper

Embrace a greener approach

By introducing a completely paperless system to your warehouse & logistics your not only streamlining your work, you’re also taking a step towards sustainability.

As part of your customers’ supply chain there is an increasing demand that you’re operating sustainably, reducing waste and promoting environmentally friendly practices and this is a great step in working towards that in your business.

Detailed Inventory Management

Serial numbers, batch tracking & expiration date

You can scan products in and out by serial number to keep track of where specific items have been shipped to, when, and worst case scenario  – when they’ve been returned.

You also have the option to track batch numbers on certain products or even log expiration dates for perishable goods for a more detailed management of your inventory.

Simpler supplier & customer co-ordination

Third party shipping made simple

If you use couriers either directly, or when fulfilment is provided by your suppliers, you can create a seamless process to provide outstanding service to your customers.

Tracking ID’s can be entered by you, or even your suppliers and you can automatically share these with your customers, reducing enquiries and providing a much better level of service.

What other customers are saying

Taylor Tassie
Managing Director @ Totally Branded
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“One of the key things which the whole team love is that we have been able to craft email templates which are used to keep our message and tone of voice consistent every time we send a quote, order confirmation, invoice or PO."
Beth Whitford
Commercial Manager @ Plura Innovations
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"Clear processes have been established throughout our business, leading to improved communication and higher levels of reporting. Our team has also become more effective, and we have seen a significant increase in efficiency and productivity."
Kris Van Rensburg
Commerical Director @ The Lectric Heating Company
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"Zigaflow is unlike anything I have seen in the last 20 years when it comes to detail, speed and automating follow-up tasks. I would strongly recommend this platform to any organisation who wants to take a massive leap forwards!”
David Wilde
Managing Director @ Stretford Studios
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“We spent months looking for a system which would be simple to ease in to and more powerful as our business developed. Zigaflow was the perfect choice for this. Highly recommend.”
Mitchell Tassie
Sales Director @ Totally Branded
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“We have developed automated messages used for follow-ups and reminders which go directly from the teams on email accounts and saves us countless hours of admin time, and made it much simpler and faster to get new team members started.”
Gary Duckworth
Managing Director @ Avita Group
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"It's been amazing in streamlining the work process and saving us countless hours or frustration. Support is first class and the company actually respond to feedback."

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