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Frequently asked questions

Most customers manage all their product information in Zigaflow.

We have a very straightforward management interface and import options which make it very straightforward to update product information, images & even pricing.

By integrating Zigaflow with your Shopify store you essentially have a single point of managing products for both online and offline sales.

This comes down to preference.

There are advantages to invoicing in Zigaflow as there are various checks and balances along with detailed reporting where invoicing through Zigaflow may make sense for you.

We give you the flexibility to run whichever way is most appropriate for your specific business.

When your customer places an order on Shopify and your store is connected to Zigaflow, this will then create a sales order (jobs module).

You can set up different rules within your system to determine how these types of sales orders are handled and the right next steps.

As an example, some customers have completely automated their processes so stock is automatically allocated, purchase orders are created and sent to suppliers amongst other things.

The purpose of the integration is to help you simplify and streamline the way online & offline processes are managed.

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